Blooming Blends

Her (Kind) Boosting Blend


A botanical boosting blend to strengthen your mind and body.

Created to help balance and fortify you from the inside out. Especially formulated with nourishing botanicals to support women, the HER (KIND) blend will help boost skin and hair health, support brain function, balance hormones, energise and nurture your inner bloom.

The powdered botanicals and adaptogens chosen for this fortifying formula will help to relight your sparkle and keep it shining while assisting the body to deal with the daily pressures of life.

Consider this blend your right-hand woman. Here for your mind, body and general wellbeing.

How to use

We recommend you take this boosting blend daily. 

Add into your smoothie
Sprinkle onto your yoghurt, porridge or salad
Create a warming latte 

Use 1 heaped teaspoon (5g) per serving. Up to 24 servings per 120g jar.


A magical blend of 15 different powdered botanicals: hemp seed, nettle leaf, shatavari, flaxseed, wheatgrass, goji berry, baobab ashwagandha, moringa, spirulina, chlorella, rosehip, reishi, mucuna, spearmint 

Made from 100% natural, organic botanicals. Nothing hidden, nothing artificial. Just nature's magic at its very best.

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