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Cork Yoga Wedge

Yoga Studio cork slanting yoga wedge or cork plank will give you the support you need in a variety of Yoga or Pilates poses. The cork yoga wedge has been made to the highest standards with your needs in mind.

Our Cork slanting yoga wedge can be used under your heels when squatting, under your wrists during downward dog and other poses that put excessive pressure on your joints.

The wedge is ideal for balance training, improving coordination, and overall posture stability. Get the most out of your stretch with a yoga wedge.

Features -
  • Suitable for all types of Yoga, Pilates, supporting, stabilising and aligning the body in asanas.
  • The forward slant makes poses such as Squatting and Upward Bow easier to achieve, as well as keeping your wrists supported in poses such as Downward Dog.
  • Our Yoga slanting Wedge will decrease the likelihood of injuries by reducing the extension angle in your joints when in use achieving stretches or poses.
  • Anti-fungal - Anti-static -Non-allergenic - Biodegradable - Anti-bacterial - Made from 100% natural cork, an eco-friendly product that is locally sourced in Portugal.
  • It never deforms despite the time of use.
  • Eco, Ethical and Antimicrobial: Cork's naturally antimicrobial and water-resistant, making it naturally slip resistant.
  • Made in Portugal.
Dimensions - 60cm x 9.5cm x 3.5cm
Weight - 0.35kg​
Material - 100% high quality sustainable cork material.

Use & Care
Clean with a drop of soap or essential oil and water. Wipe with a dry cloth.

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