Off Blak

Blueberry & Mint Herbal Tea



No, that was not the sound of you spilling boiling water while pouring tea. It was the sound of you coming back from the beach bar with your friend, casually walking passed the hotel swimming pool and then deciding to jump in, because why not? You are on holidayRefreshing isn’t it? Now imagine what that would taste like in a tea: blueberry and Moroccan mint. We got it spot on, didn’t we? It is even diet-friendly - hurray for health!

No Artificial Flavours | Vegan 

  • ZERO Caffeine 
  • 12 pyramid tea bags
  • Feels like: A midnight swim 


Rooibos (60%), Apple pieces, flavourings, hibiscus, Spearmint (3%), Bilberry (1%)

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